2020 ARCHA National Champion
“Play-off Format”

With our National Finals Show right around the corner 20-24 November 2019, the ARCHA felt that it was time to introduce our new format that will take effect immediately starting after the 2019 National Finals.

We will institute a playoff format for our 2020 season. All shows will have points being awarded so that we will have a season points standings for our riders.

The top 40 riders in each class will be invited to our National Finals Show in 2020 to compete for the ARCHA National Championships.

This will be a class within a class at our National Finals Show. This means everyone regardless of points will compete in the same class.

We will award the National Finals Class Winner and we will also Crown the ARCHA National Champion for those top point riders that get an invite, as well as a nice fat PAY CHECK to the winner. (Details on that soon)

However at our ARCHA National Championships, all riders who are points eligible, will enter into the competition with a clean slate. This is our playoff format so that everyone has a chance and everyone still needs to bring their “A-GAME”.

In addition, so that everyone has an opportunity to dream, we will put special
Emphasis on certain shows, that will be automatic qualifiers. What does that mean? It means at certain shows, if you are the Winner of the event you will automatically punch your ticket to the ARCHA National Championships.

If it just happens to be your in the top 40 at the time, then the next person on the list moves into your spot so that everyone gets a chance at the ARCHA National Championship Title.

Now for our Affiliates. Here at the ARCHA our Affiliates are huge part of what we do to promote cow horse.

We want our Affiliates to be apart of our National Championships. We also know not everyone can just make every show the ARCHA has because of distance.

Therefore to ensure all our Affiliates have every available means to have their riders represent them at the ARCHA National Championships, all our Affiliate’s top riders will automatically have their ticket punched to the Championships. (The number of riders will be determined by how many Affiliates we have, any organization regardless of discipline wishing to affiliate with the ARCHA or run a cow horse event that is an automatic qualifier, please contact us)

Here at the ARCHA we believe everyone should have the opportunity to CHASE their dreams. And we believe that a little thing like distance shouldn’t hinder anyone from becoming a National Champion.

We also believe that by it being a clean slate National Championship, this will give everyone the same opportunity to win.

Because after all, like the old sports saying goes, “If the number 1 team is suppose to win it all the time, why would anyone play the game”.

We believe in giving the underdog just as much opportunity to win. That’s why it’s called an upset in the sports world.

Everyone has a right to dream, here at the ARCHA, we always say

“You Bring Your Dreams”
“We’ll Provide The Opportunity”

THE CHASE IS ON, see you at our shows!!!