In an effort to continuously strive for ways for ARCHA to be innovative and ahead of the times, the ARCHA will institute a 2 Phase program for all shows going forward which feature only Reining and Fence Work.

All the competitors will do the Reining first and then they will all do the Fence Work next for the following reasons:

1. In an effort to speed up and calculate scores. Won’t be as much down time calculating total scores between classes because of the time lapse from reining to fence work

2. So we can highlight the fence work so it keeps the casual fans excited and interested in Reined Cow Horse.

3. Allows us to slowly transition to a full category 1 show which is one Phase of Herd Work, one Phase of Reining, and one Phase of Fence Work. We feel this would be in the best interest of the competitors to help build them up to a full category 1 Show.

4. Allows the competitors to just concentrate on just one Phase at a time throughout the show instead of having to do the Reining and then immediately transition to Fence Work.

5. The ARCHA believes this will also help our judges only have to focus on one discipline at a time which the ARCHA believes in long run will make them stronger judges.

Here at the ARCHA we are always striving for excellence and way to achieve the next level of competition and we believe this program will usher is the next generation of Show Innovation.

See you at our next show.

“Stay Cowey Australia”

Stick around to see what we are gonna do next !!!