The ARCHA is one of Australia’s most dynamic and exciting western horse organizations! The ARCHA was re-founded in 2018 with the goal of producing competitions and events sanctioned by the the world governing body for Reined Cow Horse, the National Reined Cow Horse Association USA.

The ARCHA is a group of dedicated people aiming to improve the quality, set and maintain the standard of excellence within the Reined Cow Horse Industry in Australia, and perpetuated the early Spanish, old west traditions of highly skilled and trained working cow horses.

The ARCHA has maintained the tradition of showing, promoting, training and breeding of the desirable working cow horse by education, a judging system, and maintaining the standard of show excellence.

These competitions offer beginner to advanced riders a variety of classes in which to choose from that give the competitor a chance to enjoy and compete in a event with people at a similar training level and ability. The ARCHA continues to grow the cow horse industry through the production of Added programmes, events and competitions. Programmes such as the end of year awards programme will benefit all levels of riders, as well as Opportunities for our Youth riders.

Thus a horse and rider may compete in as many events as they are qualified to participate in. Each year the ARCHA will host a number of competitions for the Reined Cow Horse. All age of horses, all cow horse disciplines and riders of all levels of expertise will be welcomed to compete.

The ARCHA currently has active members Australia wide, made up of Youth, Adults and Senior western equine enthusiasts. Skill levels ranging from the beginner to the professional. Weather you choose to participate at a competitive level or just want to learn more about the industry, our mission is to meet your needs.

The ARCHA is where “Fellowship and Horsemanship Come Together”, to set and exceed the standards for Reined Cow Horse Australia wide.