We work as a united team bring together the equine industry through professionalism and fun that is blended together. Become apart of the ARCHA Family and enjoy the ride.


    “ARCHA Mission Statement:
    – ARCHA is a professional organization that aims to bring all equine enthusiasts and all disciplines together where individuals can experience success, compete and have fun.
    – ARCHA aims to promote, provide, and achieve quality education exhibits and events for our members, while creating a positive opportunity to experience the Reined Cow Horse tradition and maintain a Standard of Excellence for the sport of Reined Cow Horse.
    – We aim to provide professionally run shows that maintain and exceed the standards set for Reined Cow Horse.
    – we aim to encourage skill development in the sport of Reined Cow Horse through a variety of expertly guided horse trainers and training education.
    – We will maintain a standard by having nationally and world CERTIFIED Judging System recognized by the USA NRCHA (the world governing body for Reined Cow Horse), so that our shows are always Judged with Professionalism, Skill, Accountability and Fairness.